April 6, 2015 – Week 25

Hey mom! i In response to your questions about what I did to serve and what sacrifice did I make this week … I actually sacraficed a lot this past week. I had to buy new shoes today because for the past 2 weeks my shoes had giant holes in them and the bottoms gave out. So I’ve been walking pretty much barefoot in Tijuana for 2 weeks, but I bought new ones today that are really thick. Hopefully I can get a year out of them. Also for service I helped out this family and actually they need a lot of help. They are from tennessee in Nashville area. It’s the Flores family.

     Me and my companion gave them 200 pesos the other day because they don’t have anything and she is going up to Tennessee to find work and he got his papers robbed so they are trying to scrounge around for money so they can pay an attorney. Right now they are living with their mom.  I found them here knocking on doors. They have a daughter and she’s 3 and she’s happy all the time.  It’s actually really cute!
     They actually asked me if there was anything I can do for them that if I knew anything about how he could get their papers back. I told them about you and that my mom was a lawyer so they might give you an email this week, if that is okay.  I don’t know if you can help them too. They speak English too.  We came back to visit them and he told me in English “are you here to see my mom” and then I was like what? What language is this? I don’t speak this! And then he said it again then I realized. Ha ha! But yes they speak English! They are an awesome family and they came to general conference and we were actually able to watch the Sunday sessions in English! So I think that was an answer to my prayer. I prayed so that I could understand conference and I was definitely able to understand it. The Saturday sessions I could only get a little bit out of it. But it was great! And the journal thing – I write in it everyday and I haven’t missed a day yet!
     Here in the mission this elder twisted and broke his ankle then he got an infection and he got sent home, so now the mission president made a rule that we can’t play sports now. Things are getting pretty strict here in the mission, but it is what it is. Oh and the fountain – Mom you could have put a dope 65 inch tv upstairs for the price of that.
Elder Wilkes
IMG_7500 IMG_7502 IMG_7503

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