March 30, 2015 – Week 24

Well yesterday was the transfer day.  I’m staying in my first area with my companion, Elder Ortiz. Hopefully you got all those pics that Sharai sent you! She actually really enjoys talking to you Mom. I’m in my area still – La Morita – and there are a couple of people that we have been seeing progress and this transfer we are going to hopefully have the opportunity of baptizing about 8 people. That is our goal and the Lord has been helping us a lot. My companion is awesome and we get along really well which is awesome. Depending on this transfer after this 6 weeks I might be training or I might be a leader here in the mission. My learning and mi español have been skyrocketing this past couple of weeks. I remember my goal of wanting to be fluent by general conference but that is almost impossible. jajaja I’ve been praying everyday that I will be able to understand general conference and especially understand the message from the prophet. I’ve actually never been this excited to listen to general conference before. It’s pretty awesome and I can’t wait!! It’s awesome that Easter is on the same day.

Anyways, this week has been okay for us we actually will able to teach more lessons this week than this transfer which is awesome. we just weren’t really able to have a lot of them with a member present! Speaking of that, I hope you guys are able to go out with the missionaries and especially Jordan and Lauren with the sister missionaries. How is the ward doing back home and the missionaries?

Not much happened this week out of the ordinary so my message might be short, but I hope everything is going awesome. How is Jordan’s work going? Lauren’s? Ask Jordan how that activity went with the guns. Love all of you and awesome that I’m winning in the bracket challenge and awesome that Jeff Gordon is doing a little better in the races. I had about 4 dreams this week about NASCAR! Les Amo y Les Quiero. Cuidanse

IMG_7472 IMG_7473 IMG_7474 IMG_7479 IMG_7480


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