March 23, 2015 – Week 23

Hey Mom and Other family members that will be reading this message,
     That’s awesome that you have been talking to some of the people here in my ward! Both of those people live really close to us and they are awesome. Tonight we are going over to the Chavez family for family home evening with an investigator. Sharai asked me to give the message last night and I didn’t really know what to prepare, but I have been pondering on what I could talk about with her and her family and this investigator Carolina. There was a conference talk that I printed out while I was in the MTC and it is from the prophet. It’s called Ponder the Path of Thy Feet if you want to look it up. It’s a wonderful talk and I’m going to talk to them about the importance of following in the same footsteps of Jesus Christ. Then after I’m going to invite her to baptism and hopefully everything goes well and they all can be touched by the spirit.
     This is the last week of the transfer and me and my companion have a lot of goals to reach. I don’t remember if I told you but last week we had 26 new investigators and this week we only had 13, but it’s still pretty good, The president has been seeing our goals and our efforts and he’s been pretty pleased. Hopefully I get to stay here in my sector one more transfer because we are going to have about 10 baptisms for the month of April and one family of five! But unfortunately for that family of five (the Sanchez family) the mom got bored to death in Relief society so she doesn’t come to church anymore, but the others do. The mom doesn’t really want anything to do with the gospel, but hopefully all that can change. But I feel for her because if I went to relief society for the first time I would get bored and quit coming as well!! jajaja. The zone leaders and my companion (who is the district leader) have been writing to the president and saying how good of a missionary I am, but sometimes I don’t feel so great and I even told the president about that, but he told me that I need to have a little more patience and that nothing worth knowing comes over night.  So I felt a little bit better and I told him that I feel good about everything now, he said that I’m going to be a leader pretty soon because the mission is moving really fast. I feel like I’m moving pretty fast too I have over 5 months in the mission and time is really flying by!
     Also we got a great announcement the other week that I forgot to share with y’all! The temple open house is 13Nov-28Nov, the cultural activity is on the 12Dec in the Xolos stadium and on the 13Th of December the Prophet Thomas. S. Monson is going to dedicate the temple!!!!!!!!!! I’m freaking stoked and I will be able to be here for it! We have been telling every one about it and it is pretty awesome. Anyways, hope everything is going good and awesome and tell everyone that I love them! And tell dad to write to me because he hasn’t written to me in like 3 weeks jaja, anyways love you! (:
Darin Christmas 2014 Darin & Comp

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