March 16, 2015 – Week 22

     This week has been pretty well for me. This week I bought my bike and me and my companion have been killing it on the bikes. We bought them on Monday and have been pretty much using them all week. At first I was bien cansado(very tired) after using them and just dripping with sweat after using them. It’s been hot as flip here – it’s been in the upper 80s and lower 90s all week and I’ve lost a couple of pounds. But I think I’ve gained a little back because I found this dope candy shop called Dulfi. They sell cheap candy american and mexican and it’s dirt cheap. I bought one of those huge bags of Peanut butter M&Ms for like $4 and in the states it’s about $10. Anyways, that shop is awesome but don’t worry mom, I’m not just eating candy!
     This week me and my companion found 26 new investigators and we have been teaching all of them. Not really any of them are escogidos (i dont know what this word is in English but it’s like found investigators that the Lord put in our path) except this one family bien suave (very awesome) and they came to church and they loved it. It’s a family of 5.  If I’m in this sector for 4 more weeks we will be baptizing them because I invited them to be baptized and they accepted.  It was great!
     Ask Jordan how the gun shooting activity went and how his work is going and here is some advice for him and Lauren when they start their job:
“Jordan and Lauren here’s some advice from your older brother who’s had a job for about 5 years. When you get paid, don’t spend it.  When you have money and you see something that you really like, don’t buy it (if you really really really need it, buy it on Amazon or Ebay where things are really cheap). You will thank me for this advice when you are about 18 and you’ll have about a couple years of saved money in your account and you will thank me. Trust me!! I blew a lot of money on stuff I didn’t need, (the NASCAR and fishing stuff are things that I needed), but there are other things that I didn’t need.  Also Jordan this part is for you –  don’t get a girlfriend! She will burn your wallet dry, trust me on that and you can ask Paw Paw and Uncle Brian about thier experiences with that.  I would say ask dad, but his first girlfriend was Mom jaja! Anyways there’s some words of cuidado(caution)”
     This week the bishop asked me and my companion if we could give a talk in sacrament meeting.  He told us Saturday night at 5 o’clock…. I prepared all night and we gave a talk he said we could pick whatever we wanted to share with the ward. I talked about every member a missionary. I was very nervous before to give this talk because I didn’t have time to prepare it, but when I got up the biggest peace came upon me and I was filled with the spirit. I was able to give about a 10 minute talk on strengthening the ward in thier missionary work. Like the scriptures say “the spirit fell down upon me in a form of a dove.” After the talk everyone said that I gave a really good talk and my Spanish was really good too. I felt really good and now I actually like giving talks. I would like to give one every sunday!
     This week there were 120 in the ward! That’s the most that there has been since I got here in the mission. I’m actually sad to leave all the relationships and the people I’ve met here. There’s 2 more weeks in the transfer and my companion says to me that I’m going to leave here and go to a different area, but who knows. I almost have 4 months here in the Barrio Terrazas and in my sector La Morita (or little berry). Also I’ve been telling some people here in the ward to add you on Facebook mom.  The last person that added you is a returned missionary, she just came back from Mexico City and she comes with us to a lot of appointments and gives us a crap ton of references from other people, its really great!
     I would challenge all of you to go out with the missionaries at least once a week and I can promise you that it will bless your life more and more and it will bless our family. Also, all the neighbors in our neighborhood give them as references to the missionaries and go with them to go teach them! Encourage Jordan to go out with them more and more.
     I’m doing great here and I’m learning more and more everyday. I hope everything goes well this week and it’s a better week! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to send photos I just don’t have time because the computers here don’t send them fast, but send me pictures i love them!!!!!
     Les Amo muchisimo, there’s a bunch of people here that have said Hi to yall! Hermana Chavez said that you are really beautiful Mom! Madie, you too jaja. Love y’all. DUECES.

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