March 2, 2015 – Week 20

     I have a couple of questions: can you send me some more fishing pictures and of me shooting my gun? People here don’t believe me when I tell them that I have a gun and I like to go shooting.
     Anyway, I’m not doing so well. I don’t fell like I’m helping anyone. It’s really hard and sometimes I feel completly worthless and helpless and a lot of it is the language and the other large part of it is the doctrine.  I just never have studied any of Preach My Gospel or the Book of Mormon before, and I feel like I’m light years behind everyone else. It’s really difficult. I’m not able to finish the Book of Mormon this month like I wanted to.  I have to stop and study Preach My Gospel everyday because I’m really behind. The other part is that my trainer, my last companion, didn’t teach me crap even though he was the district leader as well. My new companion is helping me, but it’s really hard.
     Also, I felt really bad about spending money so now I’m not going too anymore for the rest of my mission. I’ll just use what I get from the mission money. I’m eating pretty well, I think.  I started doing this new thing the other day when you only eat at lunch as much as you can and then just eat lunch every day and nothing else except like fruit and veggies, and not drinking soda. My zone leader told me about it and this one elder lost 80 pounds and I need to lose like 50 so I can have more energy to do all this walking.
     This week we started visiting this family, the Sanchez family. The husband and the wife are in the middle of a divorce and their kids are 20 and 22 and pretty much do their own thing. They live in the house with them, but the husband Javier lives in a different house. When we visited them for the first time they were having a crap ton of problems and the wife, Gabriella was crying, like balling her eyes out, the whole entire hour and a half that we were there. We told them about the Book of Mormon and that they should read it and taught them about prayer.  After that we left. The next day we went to go visit them and they were both happy! It was awesome! They said that they prayed and prayed together at night before they went to bed and that they have read the chapter that we left for them and then we left after that.  Anyway,  the next day we went to go visit them again and we saw that the husband, Javier, was out side of her apartment and she lives on top, and he was in his truck and we asked him what was up and he said that he went there that morning and started yelling at her and stuff like that so she kicked him out if the house and he was there since 3pm.  When we got there it was about 8:30 p.m. He was there for over 6 hours. We talked to him and then after talked to her and then we went back down and taught him about the repentence process and especially about the part about asking forgiveness. We then took him up to his wife’s apartment and he asked them to forgive him and he even asked his son to forgive him and it was an awesome experience. Then Sunday morning Gabriella called us and said she couldn’t come to church because after we had left saturday night Javier came back and started yelling at her and hitting her again. Then Sunday morning around 8 a.m.  she told us that Javier came back and did the same thing and she had to call the cops on him and I think he got taken to jail. Later last night we visited Gabriella with the whole Relief Society presidency and it was great. We helped her get back up and smiling and to stregthen her faith! It was pretty sad and crazy hearing all that went on with them, but it is okay we’ll continue to visit them and eventually baptize them because they accepted our invitation to baptism which was pretty awesome.
     We have another baptism this Friday – his name is Diego and he’s 14.  We have been visiting him for a while and we were teaching his mom and his uncle but they dropped out and so now we are just teaching him. It’s cool because this Friday he is getting baptized and it’s awesome!
     Also the other week i forgot to mention, i saw someone get stabbed, i didnt see the assault I just saw the dude screaming on the ground with like 20 people around him, but it was crazy. Love yall! That’s awesome that JJ won and Harvick was close! Let me know what’s up with the Kobalt 400 in Vegas … I think that’s week 3. Anyway, love you! And I’m joining Madie in her fast on Wednesday so that she can go on a mission! Our president told us about the ipads but he said no one is probably going to get them here in Tijuana because some missionaries got robbed and they robbers took 20 pesos ($1.40) and their brick cell phone haha so he said no one is probably going to get them here in Tijuana, pero quien sabe!
      Oh and the bus thing, you just give them 10 pesos and hop on. There are no receipts or anything but we get 300 pesos a month for transportation and we use about 900 pesos a month, but I’ll deal with it.

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