February 23, 2015 – Week 19

This week has been actually pretty good. My companion is pretty sweet, he is from Oaxaca Mexico and he’s our district leader. He’s a great missionary who knows our purpose and together we work pretty freaking hard and it’s really tiring. haha We come home everyday freaking tired and worn out! It actually feels pretty good, but we’ve been struggling. We have been being obedient and doing all that we can to find new investigators.  This week we have contacted over a 100 different people and the there is hardly any fruits from our labors.  We weren’t able to get any to accept baptism dates or to come to church. It’s really difficult, but yesterday we asked the bishop to give us a blessing and he did. Me and my companion still are happy and are in a good mood and we just have to work twice as hard this week to find more people and to find people that are great, but I know that the Lord is gonna help us find these people.

Anyways that’s awesome, Mom, that you are chosing what you think is the best for the family and to have a set amount of income every month and to have time for the family.  The Lord promises us our well being when we seek his counsel and choose to follow that counsel. Like having time to be together as a family. Because the family is a refuge from the daily world or the world outside. When we build up a refuge that is strong around the foundations and teachings of Christ we are blessed.
Anyways, I got the Valentine’s package and I loved it! And yeah, sorry about the money thing. I’m not using the card anymore only I was using it because I was really short on money and we take the bus a lot here and all my money really goes to transportantion and it’s pretty difficult but I’ll only use my misison money that I get. After I buy the bike I wont use anymore of it! Sorry.
That’s awesome that Kyle Busch broke his leg! I can’t stand him and he sucks. Anyways that’s kinda awesome! Holy crap I can’t believe that happened to Kurt Busch that’s freaking scary! You’re right about that Dad, he’s definitely out, but that’s crazy and it sucks that Jeff Gordon got caught in that pile up, but oh well. I can’t believe that Kentucky is undefeated! But that is awesome! Send me a bracket and I can scan it here and send it to you! Then you can put it on the ESPN thing with the family! Dad, that’s awesome that you were able to ordain 2 new people to high priests! Hope everything is going well with work and what not.
Anyways this week was pretty well and me and my companion have been working very hard!
Tell everyone hi for me! Love all of you.
-Elder Wilkes

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