February 16, 2015 – Week 18

This week has been very awesome. First of all this is going to sound very bad but it was really, really funny. So the other day there was this dead dog in the road on this hill and it was smashed to peices and blood was everywhere. Two hours later we passed by that place again and we heard this person calling for their dog, “Rosi, Rosi” (this person pretty much rejected us like 3 weeks prior – she was one of our investigators) then she came out into the road and she saw the dog. She went up to it and was calling its name because she thought it was asleep. Her kids came out and they were really young like 3 and 4 and they were saying “Rosi, Rosi.” in this really sad voice and they figured out it was dead from all the blood. The kids started crying, and she was like “flip not again!” it was so funny because that dog was mangled! And I couldnt help but to walk away fast because I was laughing pretty hard.

Anyways this week has been awesome first of all we had TWO baptisms! I have pictures attached. It was awesome! I baptized the first person her name is Cecy and she got married the other day too. We couldn’t go to the ceremony, but she said there was an infinity of people there. Anyway, when I was walking into the font I freaking fell and slipped and I fell HARD! I just ate it on my butt, but it was all good. We went on with the ordanance and it was beautiful and I felt the spirit very strongly.
Today my companion left to Ensenada and I received a new companion, Elder Ortiz, and he’s freaking awesome! We’re gonna baptize 15 here in this transfer, its our goal.  He’s from Oxaca, Mexico – it’s in the deep south, and he’s really awesome. He’s dedicated just like me. Also our bishop kicked us our of ward counsel so we don’t go anymore. I don’t know what’s the deal, but it is what it is.
I’m doing really well and I’m really happy.  I took this stress test and it said I was out of this world stressed and I need to talk with my mission president, but I feel fine now. My Spanish is pretty well according to my new companion and he said my accent is almost perfect which is something that I’m pretty grateful for.  Hopefully, I can be fluent in two more months and I feel that I will be.
That is freaking sick that jeff gordon won the pole! I can’t believe that happened!  Tell me who wins – I’ll be praying for him and I’ll need NASCAR updates now since it’s that time again.  Also there is NASCAR Mexico which is pretty cool, but it isn’t that popular I don’t think.  Love all of you and I hope everything is going AWESOME! I also need updates on Basketball and NCAA BASKETBALL send me a bracket. LOVE YOU
Baptism 2 Baptism 1

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