February 2, 2015 – Week 16

Okay heres the SCOOP!
     This week I got your birthday package, but I didn’t get grandma’s. Hopefully I will this week! The birthday package was absolutely awesome and I love the ties and the juggling balls. I’ve been practicing haha! I’ve been slacking on the pics lately, but I will catch up here pretty soon.
     This week was freaking awesome! We had stake confrence and we got a new stake president, Presidente Valdez. He’s 27 years old!!! It’s really exciting and he’s powerful. He was the branch president in one of the branches here. He was president because he was the only one in the branch with the priesthood.  We also had the president of the area here and he spoke and it was great. His name is Benjamin de Hoyos and I got to shake his hand twice and me and my companion said that we felt the spirit automatically. It was great. Also, our mision president spoke and the temple president of San Diego spoke and he’s white and still knows Spanish from his mission, I think. It was a great conference!
     Me and my companion have been getting along really well lately and that’s another thing that I have been praying about. You’re right, nothing is too great or too small for the Lord. We have transfers in two more weeks and he’ll be going somewhere else and I will be staying here.  There isn’t anymore problems with the ward with me (at least I hope not) and everything has been going good. I left this part out when I wrote last week. One of our investigators, her name is Cecy, we are getting her and boyfriend married on Valentine’s Day and we also have a date for her baptism on the same day.  Hopefully everything is good for the baptism, everything is for the marriage and it’ll be sweet! We’ve been finding a lot of new investigators and have been working really hard. I’m still having a hard time with the language, but I’m starting to understand more and more and more.
     Today we played soccer with a bunch of people and it was a lot of fun. We didn’t have a ball so I bought one at the store. It was a really good one, my companion said, but it wasn’t really expensive. It was gerat while it lasted! haha This guy power kicked it and it flew into some neighborhood and it was lost haha. So one of the hermanos that was with us playing pretty much told them that they have to give me their ball, (it’s a peice of crap) since they lost mine. I felt really bad by taking it because the people here don’t have a lot of money to buy another one.  I still feel bad about it, but I took it because he said it was fair. haha They all left to go look for my ball that was lost, there was like 7 of them and they probably found it and now have the better one. Oh well … maybe they’ll be happy about it.
     Holy mother flipping of flip Seattle is absolutely stupid for doing that! I’m so glad that the Patriots won that game even though I completly hate both of them, and especially Tom Brady, but that loss makes me hate Seattle more. Also, who won the national championship? I forgot to ask.  Thanks for the letter Dad.  I don’t have too much time to write, but I wrote mom. It’s very important that we never give up.  It’s kinda like the grace of Christ – we do what we need to do, give it all we got –  absolutely everything, and the grace of Christ makes up ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Tell Lauren that’s the best birthday present ever (the UT hat signed by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.) Thank you so much for the Dale, Jr. autograph! I might as well go for him since Jeff is leaving!
     Anyways love you so much. Hopefully everything is going great.
     Te Quiero Mucho!

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