January 19, 2015 – Week 14

Buenas Tardes,
     That’s awesome that you and dad went to the temple for sealings and that’s a bummer that you forgot the names but its okay! Now you have an excuse to go to the temple again (: haha That’s awesome though, and yeah you’re right about the scripture mom, as many people as there are the world today everyone here chose the plan of Jesus Christ.  I just love telling that directly to a person. They seemed shocked when they hear that, but it is true!
     The food is actually getting better for some reason. I never really thought that praying for the food to taste better would work, but it actually does and my testimony of prayer has grown significantly. I just had a thought that i should pray to have the food taste better to me and it actually worked! I don’t like beans but I’ve actually asked for more a couple of times this week and today I ate beans twice.
     Guess what? We are having a baptism this week on Friday. We’re talking to her tomorrow to see if she is ready for this Friday so pray that she will say yes! I’m praying. Her name is Jannet and her husband Sergio is a less active member. I think Jannet getting baptized will change his mind and his ways towards the church. Hopefully it is a blessing, well actually i know it is.
     My companion is all right.  He still doesn’t wake up on time but I’m going to talk to him again. We’re only together another 3 weeks and nothing more! But I know that God puts me with people to test them and to strenghthen them and me as well. Also, it is definitely preparing me to get married in the future. This sunday was awesome. First they told all of us to give a talk Saturday night, so i prepared. i took the True to the Faith book, opened it randomly and this is what came up “how to find peace and to be healed through the atonement.” I thought about that all day saturday and I prepared. Unfortunately I didn’t speak because the stake president spoke to us instead. Jannet came to church along with 4 other people (we had 5 people at church Sunday) and she ended up crying during his talk. It was about tithing and fast offerings so when we teach her the law of tithing tomorrow I think she will except that.
     Things are starting to get better here.  I’m almost done with Doctrine and Covenants and then next I’m going to read the Book of Mormon and I’m going to finish it in the month of February starting on the 1st and whoever is reading this I’m going to challenge you to do the same. Also, if you have a question and you read the Book of Mormon with that question in mind, by the time you’re done your question will be answered. One of the greatest ways to receive revelation is through the Book of Mormon and also attending church.
     To the less actives, Mom, Dad, friends and family. There are three things that we need in our lives in order to not fall. 1. Read the Book of Mormon every day; 2. Pray every day as a family and personal prayers; and 3. Attend church. If we do these things we are building a foundation on Jesus Chirst, a SURE foundation where it cannot fall (Heleman 5:12). The world is evil and always will be and that’s why eventually it will be swallowed up in the flames of fire and suffer through the gulf of misery and endless wo. It’s pretty sweet in Doctrine and Covenants it says the angels will come and pluck up the wicked and cast them into a fire.
     Also, that conference talk –  stay on the boat and hold on tight! Don’t let go and the Savior will steer your ship into life eternal. I’m definitely learning a lot out here in the mission. The Lord is also helping me alot with my Spanish and learning doctrine. I’ve also almost learned all the Spanish cuss words too, unfortunately.  Tell Devin Call that his message was awesome and I miss him. I don’t have time to write him back this week, but I will write to him next Monday.  Continue doing service because when we do service for our fellow man we are also in the service of our God!
Love you so much! (:

One thought on “January 19, 2015 – Week 14

  1. Stephanie Larsen says:

    Your son mentioned Elder Larsen and that his mom reads this blog. Elder Larsen is my son and yes I do read your/your son’s blog and it is terrific! Elder Wilkes was in my son’s district in the MTC and they all had a great experience together. Thanks so much for keeping this blog, I learn from Elder Wilkes and I can tell my son how his friend is doing. You have a wonderful son, my son Mark (Elder Larsen) really loved him and connected with him and thought he was so fun but also had a tremendous spirit. I’m so glad my son got to know good strong young men like your son in the MTC. You should be and I’m so are so very proud of him! All the best.

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