Nuestro Ejemplo Perfecto – Our Perfect Example

When things get tough and hard, I look to our perfect example, Jesus Christ. Our life here on our Earth isn’t easy. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn’t easy. Missionary work isn’t easy. Keeping the commandments isn’t easy. Spanish definitely isn’t easy.

Well guess what… The life of Jesus Christ wasn’t easy, but he lived it PERFECTLY and we are asked to do the same. In Matthew it says, “be ye therefore perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect. We all have challenges, we all have heartbreak, and we all have depression and regrets. We are all sinners. But when things get hard, we we don’t decide to not open our mouths because we think it is hard or we are afraid to know what our friends might think and if they will reject us. When things get hard I like to look at our perfect example, Jesus Christ. He lived and died so that all of us would live again. He was ressurected on the third day. We too will all be ressurected just like Him.
Remember the Lord, Jesus Chirst. He is the Captain of the ole ship Zion. When we decide to get lazy and the TV seems more interesting than opening our scriptures, look to our example Jesus Christ because he pressed forward. Jesus Christ, the son of the the living God asked if there is some other way. “Let this cup pass from me,” he said. When i think of that I don’t ever want to rest. I love the Lord. Jesus Christ lives! He loves us. Through him we will all live again.

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