January 12, 2015 – Week 13

Things are going great here in the mission. We had a family come to church yesterday, but it sucks because we were late because of them and we weren’t able to take the sacrament which really stinks. Mom, my friend here said his mom reads my blog. His name is Elder Larsen.  He’s awesome, I love him. Anyway, we have a lot more baptism dates for people and I think we are going to have some in the beginning of February.  It’s exciting and nervous and happiness all at the same time! The Lord has definitely helped us out a lot. My companion still likes to sleep in everyday which sucks alot because we aren’t able to have companion study, but I’ve done a lot of personal and laguage study which is great. I told the president today in email so we’ll see what happens next.
It feels awesome to bring someone that you have been teaching to church! It’s a real blessing that I’ve been praying for it for almost 7 weeks now. That’s awesome that you and dad might be taking a Spanish class at FSCJ.  I know classes help because there’s a Hermano here who takes English classes online and he’s almost fluent and has been doing it for only 5 months! It’s the same guy who has the PO box address I gave you. I hope it works because I want some baller paisley ties for my birthday!! Some beautiful ones … i just can’t have pink, please!
This week has been raining and muddy. It rained like the dickens yesterday and one of our investigators didn’t come to church and a recent convert as well because it was raining, but it’s just another excuse not to come. Oh well. Hopefully and prayerfully next time. Things are still difficult, but I’m still happy. I told dad about the food thing. I’ve been struggling a little with that, but hopefully it will get better.  I trust in the Lord and he will change the hearts of the people to make better food… just kidding haha But he can change my tounge because he created it!
Also prayer is such an awesome thing that we have in our lives. The power of prayer is so strong. Not like most religions believe this but it is true – prayer is a TWO WAY communication with our father in heaven, He loves us and he wants us to talk to him. Plead with the lord every night as a family and by yourself and really pray – not like those whimpy reciting prayers that people sometimes say the same every night  – and you will have a better life and he will answer you.
Love you mom!
That’s awesome dad that you shared that scripture (Proverbs 3:5) I read that this morning because I’ve been struggling here with the language, the food, and my companion. He likes to sleep in a lot – the other day he woke up at 1pm. It’s happened a few times and it sucks. I’m having a problem with the food here, and especially lunch appiontments. I haven’t been able to eat all the food only like 4 times here andI  think thats pretty good, but out of those four times I think I’ve offended the people and I felt really bad. The hermanas complained to the bishop about all this stuff and how the Elders (me) didn’t eat all the food. I might have to get transferred out of this area into a different one. The bishop said that he’s going to talk to the Mission President to get me transferred to a different area which really sucks because I’m starting to like it here. I’m starting to get to know all the members and to really start making a difference here in Terrazas. I had to plead with the Lord and ask him why he sent me here to Mexico. I still haven’t received an answer and it’s difficult. I also asked him to help with with the food. Hopefully I don’t get transferred, but if I do it’s the Lord’s will and I’m willing to do whatever. It’s best that we put all of our trust in the Lord and wait for the best to come. Sometimes things will happen right away and others not until we are in heaven. Love you!
That freakin’ sucks that the Broncos lost the freakin game! Oh well. I’m pulling for Colts to win the super bowl -can’t stand Pats or Seattle.

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