December 29 – Week 11

Hey Mom,

You’ll have to send this message to the rest of the family and friends. No tengo mucho tiempo hoy, pero próximo lunes, si. Anyway, yesterday was awesome! Unfortunately none of our investigators came to church again. It sucks a lot, but this one teenager came to church and i don’t know how but he just showed up. He came for sacrament meeting, nada mas. But we contacted him afterward and we decided to go over to his house and we taught his family lesson 1, The Restoration. I was able to be a part of it and talked about how the gospel blesses families and talked about Joseph Smith at the end. My companion asked all of them if they would be baptized on the 5th of February. Before he was even done with the question all of them started shaking their heads and all of them said yes. it was awesome and Espíritu Santo fue mas fuerte!! it was awesome!
This week has been great i really enjoyed talking to all of you on Skype for Christmas. It was honestly my best Christmas present ever! I’m having a great time and really enjoying everything. It has been quite chilly this morning  – i could see my breath in the house and the door was shut all night.  Tell Paw Paw this –  I forgot to tell him on Skype about the fishing.  Right now in Jacksonville it’s pretty good for fishing. Whiting, trout, bluefish, ladyfish, and occasionally redfish are all on the pier, but nothing really big is there except for sharks and stingrays.  Tell him to go on a day that isn’t windy and cold. 40s and 50s are good if it isn’t windy, but the fishing is pretty good! I love all of you so much! Have a wonderful time watching the ball drop. I will probably be asleep because we have to be in by 6:00 p.m. on the 31st. Have a wonderful anniversary Mom! Love you again.
Elder Wilkes
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One thought on “December 29 – Week 11

  1. Karen Tabor says:

    hi Darin!!
    Glad you are enjoying your time in Tijuana. And I see you are picking up Spanish very well. Bueno !!
    Hope you have a wonderful and Happy New Year!!
    Love And miss ya,
    Aunt Karen &Uncle Donnie


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