December 22 – Week 10

Feliz Navidad,

Sorry about last Monday. My companion said that last Monday we could only write for 30 minutes, so I wrote to the mission president and he said it had to be in spanish so it took me the whole time to write to him which sucked and we had other things to do that day. Oh well, I get to talk to all of you my family on Christmas which will be awesome and I can’t wait. Mom, I don’t have a skype but I’m about to make one. My skype name is going to be NASCAR2448885, just like that its nascar and the numbers are each of the drivers on hendrick motor sports and their numbers. Anyways… I don’t know what time I will be skyping you but I can skype for about 40 minutes which is awesome, but it’s not along time. I’ll be on the computer for about an hour and try to skype you. I have no idea what yalls Skype names are, but oh well I’ll figure it out when I cross that bridge.

Dad it’s awesome to hear that you have found a job. I have a million things that I need fasting for, but unfortunately in the mission they tell you that your family shouldn’t fast for specific things in my mission such as investigators and stuff like that. But you can always pray! Praying works and the Lord will answer our prayers and He for sure hears them. We’ve been having a lot of issues here. I still have no idea what the flip people are saying here. I feel like I know a lot now, but it’s not enough. I learn new words everyday but still that isn’t enough either. It really sucks.  Spanish is really hard because I don’t know Spanish.  Also the food here is terrible. What goes in and what comes out all looks the same. Sorry to be repulsive but it is true. I can’t stand any of it. We ran out gas on Tuesday and we finally got more today so without gas there is no stove or hot water hahaha but it’s not as bad. I also had to go to the doctor because my foot has been not good for 2 weeks now.  I have some ligament and some tendon issues in the top of my left foot. The doctor grabbed my foot started playing with it and asking if it hurt.  One of the times it did he said “injectar o tomalo” injection or take it. Injections here are always in your butt, so I told him pills will be fine and he gave me a prescription for pills and gel. The gel actually works, not anything miraculous but it works. It sucks because we still walk 4 and 5 miles everyday, but it’s okay and I usually keep things in to my self because I don’t want to be that missionary that always has excuses or something haha because that’s not me!! Anyways the Lord will bless me, hopefully I wont have any serious issues.

Mom, I didn’t get the package you sent me which means it’s lost in Mexican mail or some guy took it and sold it or gave it to his kids, so you might have to use that insurance. Good thing you got it!! But everything has been pretty good here. My card stopped working last Monday when I tried to buy some pants for my companion and some ties which sucked because the place we go to get that stuff is called Marco Plaza and it is like an hour away. It probably got rejected becasue they saw it was being used in Mexico, or someone saw I was american and scammed my card and robbed us.  Oh well… hopefully it would have done him some good, but i have no idea!

I hope everything is going well in Jacksonville.  Did you watch that “He is the Gift” video? Also, did you have missionary experiences on the cruise and the different islands you were at?  I prayed every day that there would be and that you would be courageous to share! The weather here isn’t really cold its like 50s or 60s in evenings and mornings and like 70 in the day, but it has rained a couple of times which sucks because everything here is dirt and when dirt gets wet it’s all mud. I hate the mud – it gets on everything and it’s a pain to clean up. But right now everything is bone dry again.

Mom, can you send me some american candy? The candy here is rolled in salt and chili powder and its freakin gross! I don’t see how it is so appetizing. That’s one of the things that I won’t ever like.  They even have chili centered bubble gum.  It says fresa on it which means strawberry and I was like ooooh – bit it and almost threw up haha it was gross. I have been taking a lot of pictures here.  I wish I could send you some but it takes forever and I’ll try on Thursday.  I still haven’t opened that box you sent me in the MTC.  I’m excited! The other box maybe I’ll get for my birthday, but probably for Easter is more reasonable.  After January 1st no more sending packages to the border in Cali.

Also I forgot to mention that I finished the Book of Mormon and now I’m almost half way through the Doctrine and Covenants. After the D&C I’m gonna read all of the Bible, Old and New Testament and I’m starting to put together this book of what the doctrine is. There’s a really good talk that Bednar gave about the doctrine, I forgot what it was called, but he said the truth is always in the doctrine which is true and most missionaries only use the applications of the doctrine to their investigators. To every doctrine there is principles of that doctrine then under that there is applications. It’s hard to explain on paper but watch the talk it’s like 40 minutes look up David A. Bednar, then doctrine and truths or something.

Anyway, Dad and Pawpaw, we’ve been having a hard time getting our investigators to come to church. I’ve been here 5 Sundays and not one of our investigators came to church.  We’ve tried, fasted, prayed, invited and all! But they don’t come and its frustrating because these people want to be baptized and have desires to know more, but they don’t come to church. Anyway, I won’t give up, but all is well here in Tijuana! Love all of you!!

Les Amo mucho, el senor bendeciremos por toda de nuestro dificultades y desafíos pero, tenemos orar con el cada dia, por fuerza!

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