December 8 – Week 8

Greetings from Tijuana,

This week has been freaking awesome! In reality it was okay.  I’m always positive and it’s a great strength that I have and it’s great. So mom and dad and family, my ward here is awesome and it has about 100 or so members that attend and are active. It’s called the Terrazas Ward and we are in the Estaca de El Florido (El Florido Stake).

Last Sunday was an intoduction of myself and I was asked to give a talk on “How do I Receive Answers to Gospel Questions.” I talked about the Holy Ghost, personal revelation, and prayer. This past sunday was fast and testimony meeting. I didn’t go up because I didn’t really have a chance to because people rush up there to bear their testimonies and it’s wonderful!  We should always openly share our testimonies as much as possible and as frequently as we can. I’m probably gonna follow Brother Rodrigues’ example and share mine every fast and testimony meeting and I challenge all of you to do the same. The members here are very loving and as a missionary everyone wants to shake your hand, even the primary kids as well. It’s awesome!

I still can’t figure out why the Lord has sent me here. I’m in this area for 6 months. I don’t know if i told you that yet. I hate the food here. Honestly it makes me sick and I’ve eaten beans for about every meal now and it sucks! I hate it, but I swallow my pride along with the beans and do what i have to do. I’ve been getting used to them and the food here as well. People give you so much freaking food I can barely eat it all while my companion eats like 3 plates full and it’s ridiculous. But I do get fed good. Also, I have a lot of walking I have to do.

My companion is great! He is learning more and more english everyday. We actually talk a lot about different things and we get along just fine. Also, here i told people that I know how to cook so they call me Master Chef. We are having this Christmas party on the 20th and I’m cooking the turkey.  Mom, I need the recipe for the turkey that you make with the oranges and stuff in the inside, the temp, and how long you cook it.

The area here is great. I’m used to it now, but it’s really different and there are always dogs fighting and screaming. People light random fireworks and throw them in the middle of the street so theres always like gun shot sounds going off all the time and something here is always on fire. Monday and Tuesday it rained all day. I got soaked, my companion got soaked, but we did what we had to do and unfortunately we weren’t able to teach anyone those days. Either no one was home or they couldn’t do it at that time and we get that a lot so it sucks.  I can teach the first lesson now all in Spanish and my Spanish is getting better and better. I still don’t understand anything, but that’s is getting better as well. Before i couldn’t understand a lick and now I can understand about .25 of a lick.

Yes Mom, I was able to watch the Christmas devotional- I’m sure it was great. It was translated in Spanish so I didn’t understand anything except the music. The Mo Tab was beautiful and they were great, but it sucked that day because I was pretty much sick and I could barely walk, but today I’m all better.  The only thing I really miss besides all of you of course, is American food. I’m eventually gonna go to Chili’s because there is one by the temple. I really miss sports and country music too. That’s awesome that Tennessee is playing in Jacksonville! I really wish i could go to that. I hope tennessee will rip the heads off of Iowa.  Also I miss Nascar! The other night I had a dream that Jeff Gordon came to our house, and in that same dream I met the prophet as well, so it’s like the 2 best people in the world! I wrote about in my journal.

This week I asked someone, one of our investigators, if she would be baptized and she accepted and it was wonderful. Now we just have to get her to come to church. It sucks becausae people want to get baptized and a lot of people need help in their lives but they don’t come to church!!  Also in the ward it’s great to see that absolutly everyone pays their tithing. Even our recent converts are excited to pay their tithing and it’s a wonderful experience to see because these people have almost nothing and they are so happy and they always want to share their testimonies and they want to pay their tithing. It’s great! I feel the ward here is really strong.  Also, mom I write in my journal everyday and I havent missed a day yet. It’s pretty much a habit now. My time here is about up so I have to go now. I love all of you and miss all of you.

Missionary commitment for you all this week is…. Attend the Temple this month in December! Also I challenge you to share the video He is the Gift (or El es la Dadiva) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and get everyone to watch it and tell all the kids and family to do it as well. Also, share it with the family that Jordan skateboards with and tell him that here in Mexico there is always kids skateboarding in the streets, and give them a Book of Mormon!
 Okay love you and mom don’t forget the recipe.
Elder Wilkes
Feliz Navidad
Oh yeah about Navidad, look up the video El Es La Dadiva, or He is the Gift.  We have these cards we have to hand out to random people to watch the video that’s on Youtube and it’s wonderful. It’s about the true meaning of Christmas and the church is making it big. It’s gonna be on the top advertising spot on Youtube and is estimated 220 million people will see it.
Also here in Mexico its gonna be the whitest Christmas of my life and forever, because the field is white and is ready to harvest.
Hola momma, my companion is awesome! I just need like 50 bucks because he needs some more church pants and he doesn’t really have money for it. He lives in Campeche, Mexico – well he is from there. I don’t really know about his background and family life but that’s all for now. Pants here aren’t too expensive actually at like one of the stores they’re like 170 pesos which is about 13 dollars. And my card works here. Also i have too buy him a couple of ties as well. They’re like 13 to 20 dollars tambien but I’m only gonna buy two.
I’m gonna send pics at Christmas because they are too hard to send on these computers.
Love you more momma!!!

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