November 24 – Week 6

***Elder Wilkes’ email was short, sweet and simple this week because he was able to talk with us on Tuesday when he left the Missionary Training Center and flew to Tijuana, Mexico.***

This is something that i have learned this week. So with our investigators, when does our work stop?Some missionaries think it stops at baptism, others think it stops when they go to the temple,but this is what i have learned. When we have an investigator we need to build up their faith in christ, then we ask them to repent sincerely, and then we commit them to to be baptized. Once they are baptized that is the gateway for enduring to the end. They receive the Holy Ghost and they eventually attend the temple. But where do we stop helping them? The answer is we stop helping them when they reach the Celestial Kingdom.

Family and Friends, and Missionaries throught the world – I know that it is true. I love all of you and I cant freaking wait to get out of here and help people in Mexico. By general conference my goal is to be fluent. I can’t wait to help the people in Tijuana and Baja California, Mexico reach the Celestial Kingdom!
Le amo mucho,
Elder Wilkes

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