November 15, 2014 – Week Five

Greetings from your favorite missionary,

So guess what?  My hand is fully healed now and it looks pretty dope! This week we are getting a new district and we haven’t got one since we got there and we were the newbies, so I get to tell my sweet story again and when no one believes me it’s really funny! Can you send me some pics of my hand when it was cut open and the sharks I caught? They’re on my phone. I really hope Lauren didn’t delete any of them.

So I have good news – I have lost about 4 pounds here in the MTC. I’m getting dog tired of the food here so all I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is oranges and sometimes a banana before gym or something. This week I ate over 30 oranges! It has helped keep me away from a cold and hopefully I won’t get one. The food here just gets really boring and sucky.

This week has been pretty sweet and right now it is snowing! It snowed about 3 inches a couple of days ago, then it melted and now it is snowing again. People think I’m weird because I eat the snow, and I’m like 1 out of 50 that aren’t here from the west, hahaha.

Guess what!?! I got my travel plans yesterday!!! On November 25th I have to be at the travel office at 6:30 a.m. and then we go over to Salt Lake and my flight is on Delta leaving at 11:26AM. Mom, I am going to call you when I get to the airport. I do not have an exact time of when that will be, but keep your phone on and I will call dad too if you guys aren’t together, and depending on time I want to call grandma and paw paw, but if you can be all together that would be great too (: We fly from Salt Lake to San Diego, California and our mission president will meet us there. When i say us, there are 5 people in my travel group. We arrive at San Diego at 12:31 which is a 2 hour flight because of the time change and then we GET TO HOP THE BORDER which will be freakin’ sweet!!!!  Mom, I will send you some pictures the next Saturday with my teachers and everyone because I haven’t taken any really and I’ll take one of me in the snow. I think i jinxed it because it stopped snowing, but this week it should definitely snow more!!

I had an awesome spiritual experience this week that I want to share with all of you. We’ve been teaching this investigator who’s name is Vic. He’s from Houston, TX (and he really isn’t a member) in TRC. Dad, i don’t know if you had TRC, but me and my companion have taught him twice a week for 5 weeks, all in Spanish. It is really, really, really difficult and he asks the hardest questions in the world! Even if it would have been in English its still difficult! But we do our best as the spirit directs. On Thursday it was our last lesson with him and this is what I asked him, “Seguira el ejemplo de jesucristo al ser bautisado por alguin que posea la autoridad de sacerdocio de Dios?” In English it’s the baptism question. He didn’t accept because he still has thousands of questions and doesn’t know for himself yet, but I promised him that if he prayed about it God would give him an answer. The spirit was definitely in that room the whole time. I was shaking when I asked him because it was just so strong. He said he was going to pray about it and he was going to continue going to the spanish branch here in Provo with his amigo which is awesome. Before I left I said, “Contiene estuiando en las escrituras esto cambiar su vida, which means, continue studying the scriptures, it will change your life.

Family and friends, I know that the Book of Mormon will change all of your lives; it has changed mine. I never knew how good it felt to invite someone else to come to Christ because you know that they will be so much happier in being closer with our Savior. Friends and family, the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues is real! It was just an awesome experience to teach Vic. Hopefully he will get baptized someday. I can’t wait to go preach to the people of Mexico. It will just be awesome. I love all of you so much! Dad, I continue to pray for you everyday and also everyone in my disctrict prays for you too and we all hope you will get a job soon. Last sunday i fasted for Melanie and it was hard because they had steak sirloin and shrimp for lunch, but I have been praying for her everyday! I really hope she gets better. I love all of you and remember Rule:1 Don’t get out of the boat, the old ship Zion. And Rule2: HOLD ON TIGHT, with both hands.

I have to go get my haircut and destroy my disctrict in basketball. I will talk to you all next saturday. Madie i am mad at you because you didn’t send me a Dear Elder this week. Dad let me know who wins the race and the championship in Nascar tomorrow!

Love you again,

Elder Wilkes


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