November 8, 2014 – Week Four

Como Estan Ustedes! Mi vida en la CCM is muy bueno. Mi espanol es getting better, but i still have a lot to learn. This week was pretty much the same as last week and the week before and the week before. TIME IS MOVING TO A CRAWL. It sucks. I just want to get out to Mexico and Enseno las  personas de Tijuana.

So this week we had three devotionals. The one on sunday night was by Russell M. Nelson’s wife, I forgot her nombre. The other two where of the Seventy, I also forgot their names. One of them was at the Marriott Center and we got to walk there and it was really awesome. His talk wasn’t that long, but it was really powerful. It was on tenacity. i think it was by David F. Evans yall should look it up.

Guess what! my highlight of the week was… I got a package in the mail and it was from Larry Daugherty and I had no clue what it was. When I opened it he sent me a FRESH CAUGHT SMOKED SOCKEYE SALMON for me and my district. It was litterally the best fish I had ever eaten in my life. Dad i got your letter about Jeff Gordon and that really pisses me off, There’s another elder here thats going to the Philippines and he’s from Nashville area. He’s the only one here who likes and follows Nascar besides me so i give him updates from you guys. His favorite driver is Jeff as well. That really sucks that Brad Keselowski had to do that, Jeff will get him back next year.  Now it is gonna be really hard with two more races left to win the CUP but I think he can still do it. Mom I did cancel my Netflix account. I made sure I did so before I left because it was on my Discover card  and I didn’t want a balance on there when I left.

My teaching in Spanish skills is going along great.  My Spanish teachers here said I have came from great lengths on how my lessons are now. Me and my companion started out teaching five minute lessons and now we can go on for about 30-40 minutes, all in Spanish. it is quite amazing. also last Sunday me and my campanion taught our disctrict meeting with our branch second couselor in there. We taught about how a person can understand and recognize the spirit.  He said it was so good and that this Sunday in district meeting the MTC branch president is going to join us in there as well.  I never really thought I was a great teacher but people keep telling me I am.  I guess Ether 12:27 is alive! if you have faith in Christ he will make the weak things become strong.

I’ve been reading so much of the Book of Mormon this week I really love enjoying reading the scriptures. I’m half way done here at the MTC and I’m also halfway done reading through the Book of Mormon. Next I’m going to read the Doctrina y Covienos which will be sweet! Today i have a challange for all of you. Read 2 Nephi Chapter 2.  We went over that chapter in class the other day and I picked it out. It’s one heck of a chapter so pay attention what is going on in that chapter.

I love all of you guys continue to be great to everyone and continue to serve God! I love all of you and I know our family will be blessed and has been blessed because of our faithfulness and because we have 3 missionaries from the family out in the field and also like 7 out in our ward! By the way mom or dad is my plaque up yet? Ask bishop if he gets my emails, tell him I love him as well! Madie, Lauren, and Jordan keep reading your scriptures everyday. It might not sound important but it is. I read almost 20 pages a day and pray about 20 times a day as well. I have kept all you in my prayers. Dad I have a lot of faith that you will get a job soon. I heard you were getting bored and i know it isn’t as hot outside anymore so you can borrow my golf clubs and go golfing sometime! Dad i read this chapter in the BOM yesterday about the importance of High Priests. It’s in Alma, i think 16 or 17. I know it was in the teens you should read that as well! And tell me who wins tomorrow in NASCAR and give me some basketball updates too i know it started now! Also I did the cinnamon challenge with two other elder in my district because we get really bored. haha  I’ll send the video of that to you guys next Saturday it was really funny. I love all of you. Thank you all for the cokkies candy and the awesome salmon!!!!!

Le Amo Mucho,
Elder Wilkes

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