November 1, 2014 – Week Three

Hey Mom and Dad, family and friends! This week has been slow to a crawl and it also kinda seems like it went by really fast! Dad thats so awesome that Jeff Gordon has the point standings and I also heard the giants won the world series which sucks but it’s okay! Tell me who wins the race tomorrow and the standings for after the race. I hope Jeff Gordon wins it! I’m sorry you weren’t able to get that CSX job, but it really is for the better. I’ve been keeping you in my prayers and I put your name in the temple a few times and also me and my district are fasting for you and also that we can learn Spanish.  I have a lot of faith! Pray for me because Spanish is really tough. The MTC blows somewhat and everyone is starting to go crazy haha because it’s pretty much a prison here. I really just want to get out to the field in Mexico and it’ll help me learn more.

My goal of finishing the Book of Mormon by the time I leave is getting closer and closer. I’m in Mosiah 12 and I can definitely understand them more and more and I enjoy the stories that are in there. This week I have read over and over and over that “if you keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land.” So dad, keep the commandments and you will be blessed with a job soon.

Those are some awesome pics that you and mom took while you were in Peru! I can’t wait to go there when I come back home so I can be a translator for y’all! I’m really looking forward to being out in the field.  I want to go and get out of here and starting teaching and baptizing! My Spanish teachers told me I’m doing really good with Spanish but it doesn’t feel like I am. I’m able to ask basic questions to people and to be able to put sentences together.  I can understand really well what someone is saying when they talk, but to respond back in Spanish is really hard.

One of the teachers here is named Brother Meek, he’s from Knoxville. He was in the other Knoxville ward and I told him we were in Maryville and in Farragut ward but he was in the other ward. He’s lived there his whole life. I don’t know if y’all know the Meek family. He gives me updates on the Vols games, but it’s not really an update because I already assume we’ll lose. haha Hopefully the Vols will be blessed with winning games since I’m a fan and I’m serving a mission. I also met this older elder named Elder Clark. He’s from St. Simons Island Georgia, or Brunswick area. He’s going to argentina and it is weird because we went to the same youth conference together about 4 years ago when it was in the Marriott hotel. He’s pretty awesome.  I showed a picture of you guys to my district and zone and EVERYONE said that I have hot sisters. haha So Madie and Lauren, you have several elders to chose from here when they get back haha because they all want to meet you. There’s also two other elders here that are from Florida, the Tampa area, and they’re awesome guys to talk to.

Everything is going just fine here! Lauren read your scrips everyday. Jordan read yours and mom and dad and Madie read them everyday. Jordan its freakin sweet that you can do all that! Keep skating and skating and try to get sponsored!!! Mom I hope everything is going well at work and I hope you settle a multi million dollar case soon! I really enjoy all the dear elder letters because it’s easier to know what to say when i get on. Thanks for more cookies grandma! I shared them with everyone and everyone enjoys them! If you can find a way to send some banana pudding that would be sweet too. haha (; Thanks for the Halloween treats mom and the Mountain Dew. Last night for Halloween we just had like a little fiesta with chips and dip and a whole bunch of candy and food and it was pretty sweet! I think I’m loosing some weight here as well, the food here runs straight through your body which kinda sucks but it’s something to get used to for Mexico. Everyone loves my camo scripture case and can you send me a real tree camo tie to match it?? ((:

My hand is pretty much healed but I keep a bandaid on it most of the time because I don’t want it to get split open, but its 90 percent healed. Also can you send me some more vitamins because I’m almost out. People that take their vitamins don’t really get sick here, so I have been told, and luckily I havent gotten sick. I saved you 40 bucks because I chose to do the oral typhoid immunization so it’s only 42 bucks and I finish taking it tomorrow. You’ll get a bill in the mail. I love all of you guys! Love you grandma and pawpaw. Love you more mom!! By the way, this week on Tuesday we might have the prophet or one of the 12 apostles come speak to us because it is getting broadcasted to all the MTCs in the world, so it will be someone big! LOVE YOU. I have to go. Para siempre dios este con vos!


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