October 25, 2014 – Week Two

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys an update for the week. I really enjoyed the cookies mom and dad and grandma they were awesome.  I shared some with my district and they all liked them too, but i didn’t share the chocolate ones (: This week has gone by really fast and it was really awesome. I really enjoy all the letters too, I get hem everyday when you send them. That’s awesome mom that you talked to that guy in Colombia. I forgot which general authority it was but I remember him saying that our families do misisonary work by saying that your son or daughter has been serving a mission. Talk about it more and more and more!
On Tuesday we had the oppurtunity to attend a devotional and Chad Lewis was the speaker. He was tight end at BYU and played for the Philadelphia Eagles and one year on the Rams. He played a total of 9 seasons. He talked about being a Mormon and Andy Reid also being a Mormon and his career and sharing the gospel through others. His talk was about the light of Christ. He gave an excellent talk and he served in Taiwan on his mission. After that we got to watch a video and it was David. A. Bednar’s talk on at a Christmas Devotional at the MTC a while ago. It’s like one of the best talks I had ever heard in my life. It was called Character of Christ. I challenge all of you to watch it for family home evening on Monday. It’s 45 minutes of spiritual enlightenment.
On Tuesday we also had the chance to listen to Carlos A. Godoy of the Seventy. He gave an EXCELLENT talk about missionary work. Missionaries, I want you to read Alma 26:22- there is four things that if we do he willl give us 2 promises. It’s a great scripture. Also mom and dad I want you to read Moroni 8:1-3. Substitute the names for me and you and it’s pretty awesome. When Elder Godoy showed it to us I read it and got teary eyed haha, it’s a really great scripture.
I’ve been teaching this investigator Vic in spanish. He is not a member. It’s really hard to teach him because he asks alot of questions and I never can really answer them because half the time I really don’t understand him. It’s a great experience though and every day I’m learning more and more and more. I can pray in spanish and I have the baptism question memorized in spanish. I’m learning more and also growing spiritually as well.
My hand is pretty much done healing and everyone asks me about it and no one believes me because its an awesome story ha ha ha. There two other elders here in my zone that are from Florida. One is named Elder June and he’s hilarious. It’s pretty much just like having a twin around because we’re the same height size and we both love candy ha ha. And yes Madie I found the ice cream. It’s all you can eat but I don’t really eat any because alot of people here gain weight and I really dont want too. I think I’ve lost a couple of pounds too. Everything you eat here goes straight through you within an hour haha, pretty much like Mexico. And Madie since you have twitter and facebook can you send me Virginia Dunbar and Amanda’s email and physical address. I forgot to write them down and they wanted me to write to them.
So far mom i don’t really need anything except that pen ink. I’ve been writing in my journal a lot and have been reading my scrips alot as well. Class is going great and I’m learning a lot. I’m meeting a whole buch of people that come from all over the world but mostly the US. Dad can you tell me who won the world series and the scores to the Vols games ha ha I hope they win today! And also who won the NASCAR Races for all three series. That would be awesome.
I love all of you guys and hope you have a lot of missionary experiences. How great will be your joy even if you bring one soul unto the kingdom of God. It’s kinda weird being the oldest one here buts it’s pretty great at the same time.  And yes dad I’m getting excersize we play basketball alot here and we look forward to the gym time. I’m going to the temple today and we go every Saturday. If you have any names please send them because I can pass them out to my disctrict and we can all do them. Madie go on a mission it will be the best time of your life. Don’t get married yet. There are alot of girls here and alot of them are really really attractive haha, and we wonder why aren’t they married already haha.  Jordan you will have an awesome time here and I hope school is going well for you and Lauren, you as well.
Continue to read your scrips and stay away from tempations all of you!!!!! One thing that I learned this week is don’t murmur and don’t use bad body language. Satan cannot read your mind, but when you complain and murmur and have bad outbusrts and bad body language that’s how satan gets to you and how he tempts you. I love all of you thanks for all the gifts and there will be some pics on here in about 5 minutes.
Elder Wilkes.
DSCN0004 DSCN0005 DSCN0013 DSCN0020

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