October 18, 2014 – Week One

Hey mom and dad I hope you’re having fun on your trip in Peru and in Machu Picchu. The MTC is okay and I am doing just fine. It kinda sucks because it gets really boring all the time and its kinda like a “happy prison.” We’re all in class all day, well 9 hours. I got to teach my first investigator the other day with my companion in spanish. It was really bad haha we just kinda read out of preach my gospel in spanish to her. Her name is Ana Mata. My companion’s name is Elder Douglas, he’s from heber city, Utah. And when i say “we’re all” its my district there is 7 of us. Me, Elder Douglas, White(from Portland), Horlacher(from Boston), Larsen(from DC), Murdock(from Blackfoot, ID), and Elder Olson,(from Wisconsin).

Everyone is getting a long really well it kinda seems like we all just fit in with each other. If you’re wondering why I am emailing you today it’s because it is my P-Day here in the MTC because there’s 3000 of us so they have to split it up. So it is on saturday. I’m emailing late because me and Elder White had to go to the [Mexican] consulate in Salt Lake. There was like a million people in there and its exactly like the DMV. We didn’t have to interview with the consulate because it is like at random and so today we didn’t have to do it. So i will be getting my visa a week before I leave for Tijuana.

My spanish teacher here is named Brother Savio. He is an awesome guy and teacher. We try to have as much fun here as possible. There’s only my district in Spanish class in a tiny room the size of our living room by the front door and there’s a window so it’s always hot in there. But i’m glad theres not 30 people per class and it’s only 7. Another thing about the MTC is that you can really feel the spirit strong here and it is always with us. I’m trying to finish reading the Book of Mormon before I leave for Tijuana which is Nov. 25th. I challenge all of you to do the same thing.

it was really cool because during district meeting where we met the branch president they were pulling us out to do interviews making sure everything was fine and if we were feeling good (like our health) and I told him that I had a hard time reading because of comprehension and i pause alot when i read. He told me if i kept trying to read the scriptures he promised me that my reading will get a lot better and that i would be able to understand more. His name was Brother Bahr, he’s the second counselor.  He’s almost an elder because he just got his call with his wife to the temple in Kirtland, Ohio visitors center mission. He was prompted to tell me that and i thought it was really cool. It’s amazing here and I cant wait to get in the field. Everyone is so nice and to hear everyone’s testimony of the gospel is amazing. We are all working together to learn spanish and to help each others testimony grow. I dont have that much time left, so I love you all. The MTC president told us everything will be okay at home and i beleive in that. Thank you all and i love you again.

Buenas Noches,
Elder Wilkes.
Dear family and friends, go into Google and make a DEAR ELDER account. Thank you (:

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